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2nd Annual Inspiring Extraordinary Women Luncheon








The Purpose of our 2nd Annual Luncheon

Inspiring Extraordinary Women is our mission and focus. We provide women with the tools they need to sustain themselves through programs, luncheons, expo workshops and health and wellness seminars. As a woman, your natural instinct is to be a giver, but not everyone can do what women do and do it well. Our goal is to support women by providing programs to help keep women from being worn out, angry or running on empty. We bring beneficial and fun programs to help women focus, stay focused and be invigorated. THINK OF US AS YOUR B12 SHOT!

IEW is a nonprofit organization that will always have a charitable organization featured. Each month we will feature a different product, with proceeds from sales of that product going to help support our pro-grams. Our second annual luncheon on October 16, 2017, is in support of Lillian “Lilly” McDermott’s organization, The McDermott Holistic Healing Foundation. Lilly is the host of The Lillian McDermott Radio Show (weekdays at noon, can be heard at and was a master of ceremony at our event last year.

The McDermott Holistic Healing Foundation (MHHF) is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, that assists people with cancer who cannot afford holistic treatments. The Foundation provides funding for people committed to a total mind, body, and spirit transformation involving their health with the goal of increasing quality of life and survival.

 The MHHF believes that when the body is in balance it will heal naturally. Before an individual receives a cancer diagnosis, the body is already out of balance and cancer is simply a symptom, not the root of the problem. We have been told that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the only approved therapies to treat cancer, but the truth is there are other ways! The MHHF educates people on the alternative ways of restoring the body naturally.

The MHHF wants to change the way we view cancer. Instead of fearing it, through education, empowerment, and hope, someday cancer will be viewed no differently than the common cold. It is the foundation’s desire to teach individuals that if their bodies are out of balance, then they can restore their bodies, by giving it what it needs, and end their “dys-ease.” You can take back your health and life! Visit to find out more or donate to the cause.

Please join the MHHF’s journey to help by coming to the second annual luncheon presented by IEW. Thank you so much for your consideration in taking part in the extraordinary luncheon!


Theresa Rao
Founder and CEO

We’re giving away makeovers!

TT’s Unique Boutique is looking to “pay-it-forward” with a chance for someone to experience a total “makeover!” TT’s Unique Boutique has been blessed with awesome clients and a supportive community. The Makeover Giveaway through the Inspiring Extraordinary Women enables us to make a positive change in someone’s life that could really use it. Here’s where we need your help!

In these times we all know someone who is overworked, out of self-esteem, or just plain burned out. It could be a family member, a neighbor or a friend. It could even be you!  All you have to do is nominate this deserving person by filling out the nomination form and bring it into TT’s Unique Boutique, or submit your nomination using the form on this page.

All of us at TT’s are super excited about this opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. So we’re hoping you will give it some thought and let us know whose life you’d like to enhance.

We are accepting nominations from April 1 and June 1, 2017. Five winners will be announced on June 15, 2017. This will be an awesome surprise for the recipients! Each winner will receive services from TT’s based on their individual needs. These services could include:
Botox or Fillers
Micro-current Therapy
Hair Styling
Foot Detox

But improvement of physical appearance isn’t the only transformation that may occur. The makeover could also improve self-esteem and self-confidence…and that’s what we are really after! That’s why your nominations are so important. Makeover recipients will be presented at the 2nd ANNUAL INSPIRING EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN’S LUNCHEON ON OCTOBER 16, 2017.

We need sponsors!

Put Your Business in the Spotlight

Having a presence at our luncheon positions you and your business as an authority in your industry. You gain respect and credibility by standing out from the pack of attendees and prominently displaying your products and marketing materials. Instead of just attending an event and looking for people to share your business card with, sponsorship brings attendees who are eager to find out about your business directly to you.  Not only will the attendees be potential new clients and customers, so are your fellow sponsors! You can form new business partnerships at events, meet like-minded business professionals in complimentary businesses with which you share the same target market but are not in competition.

Sponsorship Levels

Celebrate Everything Sponsor

Main Event Sponsor

8 event tickets
Verbal recognition at the event
Sponsor table with your marketing material
Your company logo on our website, flyers and printed program


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