Inspiring Extraordinary Women

Our Mission is Sustaining Women Who Make a Difference.

Our Vision is To Find and Share Resources that Enhance Women’s Potential to Impact Others.

Inspiring Extraordinary Women is our focus; to provide women with the tools she needs to sustain herself with resources such as luncheons, workshops and health and wellness seminars. Whatever you may be presently involved in, be it community service, volunteer groups, organizations or clubs, or perhaps you’re a caregiver; as a woman it is your natural instinct to be a giver. But not everyone can do what we do and do it well.

So what are you doing for yourself? Are you taking time to take care of yourself? That’s why we’re here for you – TO FORTIFY YOU! We want to provide ways to keep you from getting worn out, angry, frustrated and just plain running on empty. We will share programs to help you focus, stay balanced and be invigorated. Think of us as your daily B12 shot! 

Featured Charitable Organization

Inspiring Extraordinary Women strives to work with other charitable organizations that shares our belief in providing resources and assistance to those in need. We carefully screen featured organizations to ensure they are relevant and worthwhile.
We encourage our visitors to explore and share the featured sites we promote. We also ask that you provide feedback about your visits using any of the contact links we have on our pages.
Do you run or know of a charitable organization that should be featured on this website? If so, please visit our contact page to send us details. We will give all submissions our honest consideration.

The McDermott Holistic Healing Foundation

Their Mission Statement:
We help people with cancer who cannot afford the treatment they deserve, by providing funding for those committed to holistic treatment therapies involving the Mind, Body, Spirit, so that their bodies will return to their natural health; increasing their quality of life and survival.
The McDermott Holistic Healing Foundation will empower each individual to make the best decision for the kind of treatment they prefer. If by chance they cannot afford a holistic approach to healing, the McDermott Holistic Healing Foundation will arrange funding for each approved request.

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